Construction Grade Cellulose HPMC Used for Drymix Mortar

Construction grade cellulose HPMC, also known as hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, is a key chemical additive used in drymix mortar. It is a versatile material that offers several benefits to the final product.

Here are some of the key benefits of using construction grade cellulose HPMC in drymix mortar:

  • Improved water retention: HPMC helps the mortar retain water, which is essential for proper hydration of the cement. This leads to a stronger and more durable final product.
  • Enhanced workability: HPMC improves the workability of the mortar, making it easier to apply. This can save time and labor costs.
  • Increased adhesion: HPMC can help improve the adhesion of the mortar to the substrate. This is important for ensuring a strong and lasting bond.
  • Reduced shrinkage: HPMC can help to reduce the shrinkage of the mortar as it dries. This can help to prevent cracking and other problems.
  • Extended open time: HPMC extends the open time of the mortar, which is the amount of time that the mortar remains workable after mixing with water. This gives workers more time to apply the mortar before it starts to set.


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