Redispersible latex powder vae white powder rdp for putty mortar

Redispersible latex powder (RDP), also known as VAE (vinyl acetate ethylene) copolymer powder, is a white, flowable powder that is water-soluble. It is a common additive in putty mortars and other dry-mix mortar products.

Here are some of the benefits of using RDP in putty mortars:

  • Improved adhesion: RDP helps the putty mortar to better adhere to a variety of substrates, such as concrete, brick, and plaster.
  • Increased flexibility: RDP can help to make the putty mortar more flexible, which can help to prevent cracking.
  • Enhanced water resistance: RDP can improve the water resistance of the putty mortar, which can help to prevent water damage.
  • Easier workability: RDP can make the putty mortar easier to work with by improving its workability and trowelability.
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