Construction Chemicals HPMC Powder for Tile Adhesive Gypsum Plaster

HPMC powder, or hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, is a versatile additive used in construction chemicals like tile adhesive and gypsum plaster. It improves the workability, adhesion, and water retention of these materials.

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of HPMC powder in these applications:

  • Tile Adhesive:

    • Improves bonding strength: HPMC forms a thin film on the surface of the adhesive, reducing moisture evaporation and ensuring a stronger, more long-lasting bond between tiles and the substrate
    • Enhances workability: By improving the fluidity and lubricity of the adhesive, HPMC makes it easier to apply and spread, reducing the effort required by construction workers.
    • Extends open time: HPMC helps the adhesive retain moisture for a longer period, giving workers more time to adjust and manipulate the tiles before the adhesive sets.
  • Gypsum Plaster:

    • Reduces cracking: By retaining water in the plaster, HPMC minimizes shrinkage and cracking, leading to a smoother, more aesthetically pleasing finish
    • Improves workability: Similar to tile adhesive, HPMC enhances the trowelability and workability of gypsum plaster, making it easier to apply and achieve a uniform finish.
    • Increases adhesion: HPMC strengthens the bond between the plaster and the substrate, reducing the risk of detachment or peeling.
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