Chemical Redispersible Polymer Powder Used in Cement Industry

In the cement industry, a different kind of chemical additive is used: redispersible polymer powder (RDP). RDP is a dry, free-flowing powder consisting of synthetic polymers that can be redispersed in water .

Here’s how RDP works in cement:

  • Improves bonding strength and flexibility: RDP forms a polymeric film around cement particles, which strengthens the bond between them and improves the overall flexibility of the mortar or concrete. This translates to better crack resistance and durability.
  • Enhances workability: RDP improves the workability of cement mixes by increasing their cohesiveness and reducing the amount of water needed for mixing. This leads to easier application and better flow characteristics.
  • Increases water resistance: The polymeric film created by RDP helps to repel water, making the cured cement more resistant to water penetration and improving its weather resistance.


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