HPMC is a cellulose ether specially used for Wall Putty

Technically speaking, wall putty is a fine powder made from white cement that is mixed with water and other additives to form a solution that is applied to the wall. If you use the solution correctly, it will fill cracks, imperfections and gaps in your walls, thus creating an even base for your paint. The smooth mixture of wall putty and water fits perfectly on any type of wall, creating a flawless finish on the interior or exterior of your home.

Cellulose Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) can add water in the process of stirring, significantly reduce the friction in the dry powder, make mixing easier, save the mixing time, give putty feel light, and smooth scraping performance; Excellent water retention can significantly reduce the moisture absorbed by the wall, on the one hand, it can ensure that the gel material has sufficient hydration time, and ultimately improve the bond strength, on the other hand, it can ensure that workers on the wall of the putty for many times scratching; Modified cellulose ether, in high temperature environment, can still maintain good water retention, suitable for summer or hot area construction; It can also significantly improve the water demand of putty material, on the one hand, improve the operation time of putty after the wall, on the other hand, can increase the coating area of putty, so that the formula is more economical.

Cellulose HPMC Product properties

1. Water Retention: The water retention will be enhanced, which is helpful with such problems as cement or gypsum construction material drying too fast and poor hardening or cracking due to insufficient hydration.

2. Operationality: It can enhance the plasticity of mortar and improve the coating efficiency in construction projects.

3. Adhesivity: It can make mortar attach to base material better since the plasticity of mortar is enhanced.

4. Slip Resistance: It can prevent slipping problem between mortar and the base material in construction project as a result of its thickening effect.

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