Properties of redispersible emulsion powder

1. Redispersible emulsion powder can form a film after dispersion and play a reinforcing role as the second adhesive;

The protective colloid is absorbed by the mortar system (it will not be destroyed by water after film formation, or “secondary dispersion”);

The film-forming polymer resin is distributed in the whole mortar system as a reinforcing material, thereby increasing the cohesion of the mortar;

2. Role of redispersible emulsion powder in wet mortar:

Improve construction performance, improve flow performance, increase thixotropy and sag resistance, improve cohesion, extend opening time, and enhance water retention.

3. Effect of redispersible emulsion powder after mortar curing:

Improve the tensile strength, increase the bending strength, reduce the elastic modulus, improve the deformability, increase the compactness of the material, increase the wear resistance, improve the cohesive strength, reduce the carbonation depth, reduce the water absorption of the material, so that the material has excellent water increasing property (add water increasing rubber powder)

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