Some Questions About The Application Of Hpmc

1.What is the gel temperature of HPMC related to?
Normally, for putty powder, the viscosity of HPMC is enough at about 70,000 to 80,000. The main focus is on its water retention performance, while the thickening effect is relatively minor. For mortar, the requirements for HPMC are higher, and the viscosity needs to be around 150,000, which can ensure that it works better in cement mortar. Of course, in putty powder, as long as the water retention performance of HPMC is good, even if the viscosity is low (70,000 to 80,000), it is acceptable. However, in cement mortar, it is more ideal to choose HPMC with a larger viscosity (more than 100,000), because its water retention effect is more significant in this situation.

2. Is the putty powder falling off the wall related to HPMC?
Answer: The problem of putty powder removal mainly depends on the quality of calcium hydroxide and has little to do with HPMC. If the calcium content of calcium hydroxide is low or the ratio of CaO and Ca(OH)2 is inappropriate, it may cause the putty powder to fall off. Regarding the impact of HPMC, it is mainly reflected in its water retention performance. If the water retention performance of HPMC is poor, it may also have a certain impact on the depowdering of putty powder.

3. How to choose HPMC for different purposes?
The requirements for the use of putty powder are relatively low. A viscosity of 100,000 is enough. The key is to have good water retention properties. In terms of mortar, the requirements are relatively high and higher viscosity is required, and the 150,000 product has better effect. For the application of glue, you need to choose instant products and ensure a high viscosity.


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