Application of Hydroxyethyl methyl Cellulose(HPMC) in Dry-mixed Mortar

1.Water retention: 

HPMC is mainly used as water retaining agent in dry-mixed mortar. It helps to retain moisture in the mortar, ensuring that the mortar has enough time to hydrate the cementing material after construction. By retaining water, HPMC is contribute to improve the construction performance of mortar and extend its working life.

2.Thickening and wet viscosity: 

HPMC can thicken the newly mixed mortar, provide some wet viscosity to prevent mortar segregation. In this way, the mortar is easier to construct, and unlikely to produce segregation, which ensuring the uniformity and consistency of the construction.

3.Air entraining:

HPMC can lead into air to produce lots of little and stable bubbles in the process of mixing concrete. These bubbles improve the work ability of the mortar, making it easier to apply and reducing the risk of cracking during construction.

4.Strengthen the property: 

In addition to the above functions, HPMC can also improve the tensile strength and shear strength of dry-mixed mortar. HPMC helps improve the surface coating of the mortar and enhance its adhesion and bonding strength. Especially in the tile binder: due to its high water retention, HPMC can ensure a strong bond between the tile and the substrate to avoid the tile falling off.

5.Application of external insulation mortar in exterior wall: 

HPMC plays the role of bonding and increasing strength in mortar. It can make the mortar easier to apply and improve productivity at work. In addition, due to its anti-vertical flow properties, HPMC can extend the working time of the mortar, making it hard to flow. This helps to improve the shrinkage and cracking resistance of the mortar, the surface quality and enhance the bond strength.

In conclusion, HPMC plays an important role in dry-mixed mortar. Strong support was provided in water retention, thickening and wet viscosity, strengthen the property and other aspects.


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