Types and Advantages of Wall Putty

Acrylic wall putty is an acrylic and water-based putty, especially for interior walls. The smooth texture and long-lasting properties of this putty make it a good choice compared to POP. The excellent quality of acrylic putty provides a polished and impressive finish to walls. It also helps to seal cracks and anomalies in the walls.

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HPMC Water Retention Agent Wall Putty Powder

Wall putty is a kind of decorative materials to make wall surface smooth, it can be used in exterior and interior wall decoration. HPMC plays an essential role in wall putty(skim coat) to improve the key properties like water retention, open time, crack resistance, workability, etc.

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Inner Wall Putty Powder Use Steps and Precautions

the grass-roots should be solid, clean, roughly flat, no clear, grass-roots strength should be greater than or close to the strength of putty.

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