HPMC Water Retention Agent Wall Putty Powder

Wall putty is a kind of decorative materials to make wall surface smooth, it can be used in exterior and interior wall decoration. HPMC plays an essential role in wall putty(skim coat) to improve the key properties like water retention, open time, crack resistance, workability, etc.

1.Hpmc cement mortar: improve the dispersion of cement-sand, which greatly improve the plasticity and water retention of mortar, prevent cracks, can enhance the strength of cement.
2.Hpmc coating of asbestos and other refractory materials:as suspension safety agent, flowability improving agent, and improving the adhesive force to the base.
3.Hpmc gypsum concrete paste: improve water retention and workability, improve adhesion to substrate.
4.Hpmc tile cement: improve the plasticity of pressed tile mortar, keep water, improve the adhesive force of ceramic tile, prevent powdering.
5.Hpmc joint cement: added to joint cement for gypsum board to improve liquidity and water retention

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