Inner Wall Putty Powder Use Steps and Precautions

Inner wall Putty Powder use steps:
1. the grass-roots should be solid, clean, roughly flat, no clear, grass-roots strength should be greater than or close to the strength of putty.
2. absorbent strong grass-roots should first use water wetting or brush glue to carry out back cover treatment after scraping putty (consistency to suitable for construction).
3. the new plastering cement wall should be after curing period again scraping putty.
4. according to putty powder: Water = 1:0.5 of the proportion of mixing evenly, static 10-20 minutes again stir evenly can be used.
5. with the steel scraper or spatula according to conventional batch scraping, scraping the number of times not too much, usually, a batch of scraping two times, the second coating in the front of the dry penetration of the case can be constructed.
6. batch scrape thickness 0.8~1.5mm, dosage 1~1.5kg/㎡, generally two times survive.
7. putty dry, with 320# or 240# sandpaper for grinding, as soon as possible brushing paint or pasted wallpaper.
8. dosage: In the grass-roots level, each kilogram of putty powder can be approved about 0.8-1.2 square meters (two batches) of the flat wall.

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