How to store cellulose in summer

Especially in summer, construction is very frequent in this season, and there is a large demand for cellulose. Manufacturers must also do a good job of moisture-proof storage while mass production. When storing cellulose in summer, we should pay attention to moisture prevention, which is first reflected in the choice of warehouse. Cellulose is a powdery solid. It can be mixed evenly with water during use and can be used for construction and paving. Therefore, cellulose manufacturers cannot store cellulose powder in the open. It is best to choose a cool, ventilated and dry warehouse for storage, and pay special attention to preventing rain and wet .

Don’t think it’s safe to put the cellulose in the warehouse in the summer. If you don’t pay attention to the rainstorm in the summer, it should be blocked in time. Keep the cellulose stored in the warehouse away from doors and windows, and close doors and windows in time before rain. In order to ensure the dryness in the warehouse, cellulose manufacturers should choose sunny weather to open the doors and windows after heavy rains to dissipate the humid air in the warehouse and avoid the accumulation of humid air that causes the cellulose to condense into solids. In addition, there should not be a large amount of water in the warehouse, and the cellulose should be separated from the ground for a certain distance. It is enough to lay wooden boards or foam to prevent moisture from the ground from affecting the quality of cellulose.


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