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Redispersible Latex Powder Improves Mortar Flexibility And Crack Resistance

January 18, 2022by admin0

Join in the mortar redispersible polymer powder mortar, the ratio of flexural tension and compression ratio are increased, indicating that the brittleness of mortar is greatly reduced and the toughness is improved greatly, thus improves the crack resistance of mortar. Redispersible emulsion powder in mortar dehydration in the film, not only to fill the defect and the cement stone pore, and the hydration products of cement and aggregate interpenetrating network mutual adhesive polymer formation, the elastic modulus of the polymer film than mortar is low, thus reduce the brittleness of mortar.

The flexibility of mortar increases the maximum deformation limit when the mortar is destroyed, and can absorb the energy required for the expansion of the defects and microcracks to the maximum extent, so that the mortar can bear greater stress before the destruction. In addition, the polymer film has self stretching mechanism, and the polymer membrane has the function of movable joint in the rigid skeleton formed in the cement hydration mortar, which can ensure the elasticity and toughness of the rigid skeleton.

Part of the surface of polymer film formed on the surface of mortar particles on the surface of stomata, stomata are mortar filling, the stress concentration is reduced, and under the action of external force will produce relaxation without damage, high flexibility and high elastic polymer region have also improved the flexibility and elasticity of mortar.



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