Test method for properties and viscosity of redispersible polymer powder RDP ,Worldwide are widely used to disperse polymer powder RDP with vinyl acetate and ethylene copolymerized emulsion powder, ethylene and vinyl chloride and lauric acid vinyl ester ternary copolymer powder, vinyl acetate and ethylene and senior fatty acid vinyl ester ternary copolymer powder, these three to disperse polymer powder RDP in the whole market dominant, especially vinyl acetate and ethylene copolymer powder VAC/E, It occupies a leading position in the global field and represents the technical characteristics of redispersible polymer powder RDP.

Redispersible polymer powder RDP has outstanding bond strength, improve the flexibility of mortar and has a longer opening time, give mortar excellent alkaline resistance, improve the adhesion of mortar adhesion, flexural strength, waterproof, plasticity, wear resistance and construction, in the flexible anti-crack mortar has stronger flexibility.

From the technical experience of polymer modified by mortar, it is still a better technical solution:

1, RDP is one of the most widely used polymers in the world.
2, Extensive application experience in the field of architecture;

3, can meet the requirements of the mortar rheological properties (that is, the required construction);

4, with other monomer polymer resin has low organic volatile matter (VOC) and low irritant gas characteristics;

5, with excellent uv resistance and good heat resistance and long-term stability;

6, with high saponification resistance;

7, with a wide glass temperature range (Tg);

8, with relatively excellent comprehensive bonding, flexibility and mechanical properties;

9, easy and similar performance of the protective colloid (polyvinyl alcohol) combination.

The detection method for adhesive strength of redispersible polymer powder RDP is characterized by the following determination methods:

1, first take redispersible polymer powder RDP 5g into a glass measuring cup, add 10g pure water and stir for 2min, make it evenly mixed;

2. Set the mixed measuring cup for 3min and stir again for 2min;

3. Smear all the solution in the measuring cup on a horizontal clean glass plate;

4, put the glass plate into low temperature environment simulation test box;

5, finally placed in 0°C environmental simulation conditions for 1 hour, take out the glass plate, test the film formation rate, according to the film formation rate conversion of redispersible polymer powder RDP in use of the standard bonding strength.

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