common applications of redispersible latex powder

Redispersible polymer powder is produced by high temperature and high pressure, spray drying, and with a variety of activities to enhance powder homopolymerization. It can make mortar obviously increase the bonding ability and its tensile strength, resistance to drop, water thickening and construction performance is good. Water resistant, freeze-thaw resistance, heat-resistant ageing performance is outstanding. Ingredients are simple and easy to use. It can help us to produce high quality drymix mortar.

The common applications of redispersible latex powder are:

Adhesives: ceramic tile adhesives, building adhesives and thermal insulation boards;
Wall mortar: exterior insulation mortar, decorative mortar;
Floor mortar: self-leveling mortar, repair mortar, waterproof mortar, dry powder interface agent;
Powder coating: interior and exterior wall and smallpox wall putty, latex powder modified lime-cement plaster and coating;
Caulking material: ceramic tile jointing agent, joint mortar.

Redispersible latex powder does not need to be stored and transported with water, reducing transportation costs; Long storage life, anti-freezing, easy to keep; Small size, light weight, easy to use; It can be mixed with a hydrocoagulable binder to form a synthetic resin modified premix, which only needs to add water when used. This not only avoids errors in mixing at the site, but also improves the safety of product handling.

In mortars, in order to make traditional cement mortar weakness such as brittleness, high elastic modulus improved, giving cement mortar good bond strength, flexibility and tensile resistance and delay the cracks of cement mortar. Because mortars form interpenetrating polymer network structure, the pore formed in the continuous polymer membranes, strengthen the bond between aggregate, blocked part of the pores in the mortar, so hardened modified mortar than cement mortar performance improved.

Redispersible latex powder disperses into a film and plays a strengthening role as a second adhesive; Protective colloid is absorbed by mortar system (film will not be destroyed by water, or “secondary dispersion”); The polymer resin is distributed in the whole mortar system as reinforcement material so as to increase mortar cohesion.

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