How to use the Redispersible Polymer Powder?

Redispersible Polymer powder is mainly used in all kinds of dry-mix mortar, such as wall putty powder, ceramic tile adhesive, ceramic tile jointing agent, dry powder interface agent, exterior insulation mortar, self-leveling mortar, mending mortar, decorative mortar, waterproof mortar, etc..

Other names of redispersile polymer powder

· Redispersible Emulsion Powder


· RD Powder

· Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Powder

· EVA Powder

· VAE Powder

· Polymer Binder

Mainly property as below details,

— Improve the bending strength and flexural strength of mortar

The polymer film formed by redispersible latex powder has good flexibility. In the cement mortar particle clearance and surface film, form a flexible connection. The heavy and brittle cement mortar becomes elastic. The mortar added with redispersible latex powder is several times higher in tensile resistance than ordinary mortar.

— Improve the bonding strength and cohesion of mortar

As an organic binder, redispersible latex powder can form films with high tensile strength and bonding strength on different substrates. In mortar and organic materials (EPS, extruded plastic foam board) and smooth surface of the base material on the bonding force played a very important role. The polymer powder is distributed in the whole mortar system as reinforcement material to increase the cohesion of mortar.

— Improve impact resistance, durability and wear resistance of mortar

The rubber powder particles filled the cavity of mortar, mortar density increased, improved wear resistance. Under the action of external forces will produce relaxation without being destroyed. Polymer film can exist in mortar system.

— Improve the weatherability and freeze-thaw resistance of mortar to prevent cracking of mortar

Redispersible latex powder belongs to thermoplastic resin, has good flexibility, can make mortar to deal with the change of external cold and hot environment, effectively prevent mortar cracking due to the change of temperature difference.

— Improve the hydrophobicity of mortar, reduce water absorption

Redispersible latex powder in mortar cavity and surface film, polymer film will not be dispersed after water, prevent the invasion of water, improve the impermeability. Special redispersible latex powder with hydrophobic effect has better hydrophobic effect.

— Improve workability of mortar construction

There is lubrication effect between polymer rubber powder particles, so that mortar components can flow separately, and rubber powder has inducible effect on air, giving mortar compressibility, improving construction workability of mortar.


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