Top RDP Redispersible Powder (VAE) Manufacturer in China

What is RDPRedispersible Polymer Powder
RDP/VAE, redispersible polymer powder. It is made of vinyl acetate/ethylene copolymer emulsion (EVA emulsion) modified by adding water-soluble protective colloid (polyvinyl alcohol usually PVA), and then spray-dried. Using water as a medium, it can be re-formed into an emulsion with redispersible powder.

What are the characteristics of RDP
1. RDP can be easily dissolved in water and form an emulsion.

2. RDP has strong adhesive force and good tensile force.

3. Redispersible Polymer Powder can improve the processability, flexibility and impermeability of mixed materials.

4. Redispersible latex powder can improve mortar cohesion, increase concentration and sag resistance.

5. Redispersible latex powder can improve the flexibility of the mortar and prolong the opening time.

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