HPMC manufacturer-What affect the water retention of the while used hpmc

What affect the water retention of the while used China hpmc cellulose ether
Hpmc cellulose is widely used in construction chemical and daily chemical as a thickener and adhesive,
As a hpmc cellulose ether manufacturer in china, we offer the dozen type hpmc powder for sale mostly used for construction chemical with better performance.
Water retention will be one of the most important function of the hpmc cellulose.
But do you know what could decide it ? lets find out :
1. Viscosity is one of the most important index to measure the quality of the hpmc polymer, the higher viscosity could performe better in water retention, also the is different way to text the viscosity, such as Haake Rotovisko, Hoppler, Ubbelohde and well known Brookfield,
Be notice about it, the temperature and rotor etc could affect even the same sample and same brand viscometer.
2. Particle size
Smaller will have a better perform in water retention.
3. Temperature
The water retention of the hpmc will decrease while the temperature increase.
You can always find the construction program will not quite even the temperature is around 40 degree ,in that kind situation, without hpmc cellulose, the water will dry more than you think.

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