HPMC manufacturer- influence of redispersible polymer powder in thermal insulation systems

Bonding mortar is the most important mortar in the cement mortar series. According to its use, it can be divided into tile bonding mortar, polystyrene board bonding mortar, and extruded board bonding mortar, thermal Insulation Systems.

Bonding mortar is very important in the external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS), and is used to connect the insulation board and the base material. Because the insulation board has many materials such as EPS board, XPS board, rock wool board and so on. The base layer includes concrete, aerated concrete blocks, clay bricks, etc. Therefore, the bonding mortar is the core material of the external wall insulation system, and is an important material related to the external wall thermal insulation systems and the safety of the entire building.

SLEO® redispersible polymer powder RDP  is popular used in bonding mortar of ETICS. After our nearly 100 customers experiment results, with excellent bending strength, improve the bonding strength, improve cohesive strength, good flexibility, impact resistance, anti-crack.

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