HPMC manufacturer-Functions of RDP for Improving Mortars

Redispersible polymer powder (RDP) is made from polymer emulsions by a spray drying process. After mixing with water in the mortar, the polymer emulsion emulsifies and disperses, becoming more stable. RDP emulsifies and disperses in water, and when the water evaporates, a polymer film is formed, which can improve the properties of the mortar. Different RDPs have different effects on the properties of the dry mortar.

Improved workability
The polymer powder particles in the mortar have a lubricating effect on each other, which allows the mortar components to flow separately, and the polymer powder has an inducing effect on the air, causing the mortar to be compressed and improving workability and ease.

Reduces water absorption
RDP can form a film in the mortar cavity and on the surface. The film will not redisperse in water, preventing water intrusion and improving the mortar’s impermeability. Mortars with special hydrophobic RDP will have better hydrophobicity. We have RDP powder for waterproof mortar for sale.

Improving mortar properties
RDP fills the mortar cavity, increasing the density of the mortar and improving the abrasion resistance of the mortar. The mortar relaxes under external forces to avoid being damaged. The polymer film can be permanently present in the mortar system.

Increased cohesion
RDP as organic binder, after the formation of polymer film in the mortar, has a high tensile strength and bond strength on different substrates, and plays an important role in the bonding ability of the mortar with organic materials or smooth surface substrates. The film-forming polymer powder is distributed throughout the mortar system as a reinforcing material to enhance the cohesion of the mortar.

Preventing cracking
RDP is a thermoplastic resin with good flexibility, enabling the mortar to adapt to changes in the external hot and cold environment, effectively preventing the mortar from cracking due to temperature changes.

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