Applications of Redispersible Polymer Powder for tile adhesive

We all know that ceramic tiles have a wide range of applications. It has good decorative and functional features, like durability, waterproofing, and easy cleaning. It is used indoors or outdoors on walls, floors, ceilings, fireplaces, murals, and swimming pools.
Redispersible Polymer Powder comes with remarkable properties. It has great adhesion, water retention, long open time, flexibility, anti-sagging, and excellent resistance to freeze-thaw cycles. And it provides high adhesion, high slip resistance, and good application treatment for tile adhesives, thin layer tile adhesives, and caulks.
Due to the many advantages of RDP powders that are mentioned above, it is widely used in exterior wall insulation, tile bonding, interface treatment, bonding plaster, plastering plaster, building interior and exterior wall putty, and decorative mortar.
The traditional method of tile pasting is the thick-layer construction method. First, the ordinary mortar is applied to the back of the tiles, and then the tiles are pressed onto the base.
The thickness of the mortar layer is about 10-30mm. This method is very suitable for construction on an uneven foundation. But there are disadvantages to using it as well.
For example, it slows down the tilling process even though the contractor is highly skillful. The risk of falling off increases due to poor mortar flexibility. Moreover, it is difficult to strictly control the quality of the mortar on the construction site.
This method is only suitable for tiles with a high water absorption rate. The traditional way of tilling requires soaking it in water to achieve enough bond strength.
Currently, the most frequently used method is called thin-layer tilling. First, apply the cement mixture onto the substrate with a toothed trowel. It will form a raised stripe and uniform thickness mortar layer. Then press the tiles on it and gently twist. The thickness of the mortar layer is about 2 to 4mm.
This way of tilling has good bonding performance for different types of grassroots and surface layers, including full glass tiles with very low water absorption and good flexibility. It is due to the use of RDP powder and other modifications.
RDP powder for tile adhesives is generally easy to operate without pre-wet tiles. It effectively extends opening time and provides excellent resistance to sagging. RDP greatly speeds up the construction process. Moreover, the modern tilling method is easy to carry out and manage on-site.

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