The action principle of Redispersible Polymer Powder

There was a period in history when there was a trend of growth. What is it? Since the 1970s, it has been towards replacing mortar additives in dispersed form with Redispersible Polymer Powders. As time went on, this trend became more and more obvious.
What are the reasons for this phenomenon? Because Redispersible Polymer Powder has excellent characteristics to achieve better construction performance.
Polymer modifiers reduce the modulus of elasticity of the mortar. In other words, it increases mortar flexibility. In fact, this factor is important.
The adhesive is subject to deformations caused by differential thermal expansion or contraction of the substrate. The climate in the world is diverse, and the temperature may have a big difference between day and night. The weather in the same city may also change greatly. So, people’s demand for more flexible building materials will increase. It depends on variable temperatures.
Besides, they are less prone to cracking during the hydration of the cementitious substrate. The addition of dispersants also improves the compatibility of the wet mortar. It improves workability and efficiency to a great extent.
As a result of these advantages, polymer-modified cement mortars are set up in many new applications, for example, in relatively thin mortars. We can find it in mineral mortars, repair precast mortars, fillers, building and tile hardening, and many binder modifications.

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