Hot Sale Re-dispersible Polymer Powder Water Proof RDP VAE Powder Used in Internal and External Wall Putty

Redispersible Polymer powder is used in Internal and External Wall Putty. It is a kind of additive for building materials. Redispersible Polymer powder is made by spray drying polymer emulsion.

As the main adhesive of putty, redispersible emulsion powder has a significant effect on the bond strength of putty

With the increase of the amount of Redispersible Polymer powder, the bond strength increases gradually.

Water resistance of putty, alkali resistance is to judge whether putty can be used as an important test index of water resistance or external wall putty


Improve putty’s cohesion, excellent resistance, alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, and increase flexural strength.

Improve the waterproof and permeability of putty.

Improve the water retention of putty, increase the open time, and improve the workability.

Improve the impact resistance of putty and enhance the durability of putty.

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