Cellulose HPMC Construction Grade Powder for Gypsum

Cellulose HPMC construction grade powder, also known as hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC), is a water-soluble cellulose ether widely used in gypsum-based products due to its unique properties that improve the performance and quality of gypsum.

Key Properties of Cellulose HPMC Construction Grade Powder for Gypsum:

  1. Water Retention: HPMC effectively retains water in gypsum, preventing premature drying and reducing the risk of cracking and shrinkage. This is particularly important during the setting and hardening process of gypsum.

  2. Workability: HPMC enhances the workability of gypsum by increasing its plasticity and flowability. This makes gypsum easier to mix, apply, and level, resulting in a smoother and more uniform finish.

  3. Adhesion: HPMC improves the adhesion of gypsum to various surfaces, including drywall, concrete, and wood. This ensures a strong and durable bond between the gypsum and the substrate.

  4. Open Time: HPMC extends the open time of gypsum, allowing for more time to adjust and manipulate the material before it sets. This is especially beneficial for larger areas or complex applications.

  5. Slump Retention: HPMC maintains the slump of gypsum, preventing it from sagging or becoming too stiff. This helps to maintain the desired consistency during application and reduces the likelihood of uneven surfaces.

Applications of Cellulose HPMC Construction Grade Powder for Gypsum:

  1. Gypsum Plaster: HPMC is commonly used in gypsum plaster to enhance its workability, water retention, and adhesion. It improves the plaster’s ability to spread evenly, reduces cracking, and promotes a smoother finish.

  2. Gypsum Board Joint Compound: HPMC is essential in gypsum board joint compound, providing the necessary flexibility, workability, and crack resistance. It fills and seals gaps effectively, preventing hairline cracks and ensuring a smooth, seamless finish.

  3. Gypsum-Based Adhesives: HPMC is incorporated into gypsum-based adhesives to enhance their bonding strength, open time, and workability. It improves the adhesive’s ability to adhere to various substrates and provides sufficient time for proper application and adjustments.

  4. Gypsum Self-Leveling Compounds: HPMC plays a crucial role in gypsum self-leveling compounds, providing the necessary thickening, water retention, and flowability properties. It ensures a smooth, self-leveling application and minimizes air bubbles.

  5. Gypsum-Based Stucco: HPMC is used in gypsum-based stucco formulations to enhance their durability, water resistance, and crack resistance. It contributes to a long-lasting, weather-resistant stucco finish.


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