Redispersible Polymer Powder Based for Tile Adhesive Mortar

Redispersible polymer powder (RDP), also known as redispersible latex powder, is a key ingredient in modern tile adhesive mortars. It’s a white or off-white, water-soluble powder made by spray-drying a mixture of synthetic polymer emulsion, protective colloid, and other additives .

When RDP is added to dry mortar mixes, it improves the overall performance of the tile adhesive in several ways:

  • Enhanced adhesion: RDP improves the adhesion of tile adhesive to various substrates, including concrete, gypsum board, wood, and metal. This is because the polymers in RDP form a strong bond between the adhesive and the substrate.
  • Improved flexibility: RDP makes the mortar more flexible, which helps to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction and prevent cracking. This is especially important for applications where the tiles will be subjected to temperature changes, such as floors and countertops.
  • Increased water resistance: RDP improves the water resistance of the mortar, which helps to prevent the tiles from becoming loose or delaminating from the substrate in wet environments.
  • Better workability: RDP improves the workability of the mortar, making it easier to mix and apply. This allows for a smoother finish and easier installation of the tiles.
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